'Symbiosis' - Project



Community Engage Sustainable  Art Project

'SYMBIOSIS’ is an ongoing community engaging art project initiated by CoCA, (Collective of Cont Contemporary Artists). This is a platform to build creative activists and more effective, sustainable, dynamic art forms and practices to address contemporary geo-political, cultural, ecological issues. This goes beyond the normal biological definition of ecology as the relationships between living things. Instead, emphasis on the philosophical concept of ecological systems, specifically ‘The Three Ecologies’ as set out by Félix Guattari – Mind, Society and Environment. The project offer visions for sustainability through sustainable development,which includes the four interconnected domains Ecology, Economy, Politics and Culture.

‘SYMBIOSIS’ is developed to address the issues that are confronted in the contemporary art field in Sri Lanka, lack of sustainability endurance of systems and processes within the genre of artists such as Visual, Performance Artists,Audiovisual Artists, Musicians, Poets, Actors and Writers. It seeks to connect Artists with Artisans, Curators, Art Critiques, Art Writers,Sociologists, Inventors, Anthropologists, Scientists, Art and Social Organizations and well as the General Public.

The project ‘SYMBIOSIS’ is a venue to explore, analyze, and strengthen connections between social activism and artistic practice. ‘SYMBIOSIS’ is more than just an innovative of methods, it is an entire approach: a perspective, a practice, a philosophy.

The CoCA Center and its environment will be the hub for a long term sustainable solutions to promote sustainable agriculture, finance module, a system concerned with the social and environmental impacts of its investments and loans within the community involved with the project.


A community engaging art project initiated by CoCA, (Collective of Contemporary Artists) the first stage of the project is implemented at the Vajira Sri Children’s Development Center (http://www.vajirasri.org/ ). The project is designed to focus and develop the personal growth in multi- cultural communities by supporting each other and to promote the interconnection between nature, culture and society as sources of knowledge, meanings, values and identity for sustainable development of diverse communities through creative activities. 'Api' is a sub project of the 'SYMBIOSIS' project.

The first stage of the project focused on improving and enhancing Vajira Home's educational, social and ecological environment. For this CoCA engaged with Vajira Home's Community, Artists, and Friends and Supporters of CoCA.

With Vajira Home Children, CoCA, initiated an idea to develop an educational and interactive community play-garden which can expand to varied locations and communities. It is for play, to educate and connect communities around Art work. It is to 'grow'.

Creative play and design ideas for the play-garden was initially developed with the children, taking into consideration children’s own imaginative ideas and needs. The interactive play-garden emphasize on holistic education, life experiences and learning beyond the confines of the classroom and the formal educational environment. This ongoing project provide a platform for children and adults alike to learn subjects such as Math, Science, Languages etc while engaging with physical and arts base activities. The interactive play garden will provide a platform to connect communities with recycling processes and practices.

We, the CoCA, are open to network with various organizations and individuals who are interested in engaging with this process, in the spirit of mutual exchange of skills and resources.

Community Garden

The Community Garden at CoCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists) is one aspect of the SYMBIOSIS project. We view our Community garden as an ecological, social and cultural place to connect with others. It is a place to be active, to learn, to share ; a venue for artistic activism and creative expression, fostering a sense of community living.

Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen at CoCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists) is a venue for artists, artisans and other diverse communities and organizations connected with CoCA to engage in a culinary journey as a form of Art and Philosophy. Our Community Kitchen at CoCA is built and functions with minimal use of resources and recycling pre-existing materials