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Homemade king Coconut Wine rich with exotic organic spices from Sri Lanka now available at CoCA. Making Wine is a charming family tradition especially during Christmas time. The secret family recipe inherent during Dutch era in Ceylon gives a unique twist to the traditional King Coconut Wine. This time of the year bring back the lovely memories of Grandma’s mini winery in the Kitchen, the personal touch of making Wine crushed, sweetened, steeped and fermented with love.

Another, secret family recipe, homemade Ceylon Ginger Wine now available at CoCA. The special blend of spices from the tropical paradise, gives a unique twist to the traditional Ginger Wine. The recipe was inherent during the Dutch era in Ceylon. The production of Wine is densely layered with significantly relative personal and cultural memories, larger politics through sensory responses. Grandma's recipe book and her mini winery at the mastic hills of Haguranketha, is full of such stories.
Sneak peek what's happening at CoCA. Food and Drink - vital life sources as a Contemporary Art form.

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