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NOMAD  Time Travel 

Nomad  “Time Travel” – initiate by CoCA. [Collective of Contemporary Artists]

A journey, through a complex entirety of culture, in Sri Lanka.

An ongoing traveling project initiate by the committee members of  CoCA for the Year 2013-2014, explore  “ The Changing Patterns of Culture”.

Throughout the journey local and international artists will explore cultures and   subcultures that exist in public transportation, diverse public places within the locality, remote isolate locations, exclusive bars, cafes and restaurants and present their work to a wider public as an integrated part of the culture, in forms of exhibitions, events, performances, theme parties, street art, music, literature and  design.

CoCA, The Collective of Contemporary Artists is dedicated to spreading art to the masses and alternative spaces, whereby art and culture are promoted as “a way of life”, as opposed to prevailing concept of art as just another profession.

In the month of July, CoCA starts their journey by focusing the busiest commercial city Pettah.

In future the project expands exploring the related phenomenon focusing on The Galle Fort, Cultural Triangle, Jaffna, Dambana remote jungle village of indigenous people in Sri Lanka.

CoCA challenges its audience to await more mind boggling, exciting and challenging pierces of art in the near future. They are different – keep a tab on their activities for more updates on

Participating artists are Branka Ridicki , Chinthaka Thenuwara, Poornima Jayasinghe ,  Deneth Piumakshi, Layla Gonaduwa, Lakisha Fernando and Daniel Ridicki 

Conceptual Photography Exhibition 

Conceptual photography and  digital printing technique workshop conducted  by CoCA Artists Poornima Jayasinghe and Chinthaka Thenuwara for the Graphic design final year students and the graduate from the university of Moratuwa  Sri Lanka.

Platinum sponsor for the Workshop  Epson Debug  

“How do you measure the success of an Art Biennale? Or of Art itself, really? The question of Art's role is a perennial one, and like the theme “Becoming”, the answer isn't a finite destination that can be reached; it's more a protean, infinite trajectory which you try to be conscious of and make sense of where we are and what we think.”

CoCA, a joint venture project between the Goethe Institute of Colombo and the Colombo Art Biennale was set up in March 2011 as a response to the lack of cultural spaces available to the large number of talented artists in Colombo. Twenty five young artists of various disciplines were invited to participate in a project named ‘Art Needs Space’ as part of a one year programme. The programme culminated in an exhibition at the Maradana Warehouse as part of the Colombo Art Biennale. CoCA successfully created impressive interactive works that invited the audience to enjoy the experience of art.

“In fact, the recently formed Collective of Contemporary Artists (CoCA) was perhaps the most successful in their challenging of the gallery space”- As touched on by Bangladeshi photographer Shahidul Alam in one of the many art talks, the gallery space is often viewed as inaccessible, He's right when he says it isn't for everyone — there is a certain elitism that doesn't quite budge. As Alam points out, the man in the lungi doesn't really feel welcome. CoCA's works, on the other hand, invite you to touch, interact and play. A refreshing change from the not-so-tacit “don't touch” rule most galleries have. In the throes of social change by Shruthi Mathews.

A Refreshing Change for the Gallery View Art. 

" Becoming " interactive Art work by Poornima Jayasinghe and Chinthaka Thenuwara