Emerge + Tech

Project Title - Emerge + Tech
The implemented touch sensitive sensor generate a soothing sound  from each plant. By interacting with individual plants audience can create musical compositions.

The relationship between human and nature has always been profoundly important to the growth of our mind and body. The human beings of all cultures and races have been incredibly interconnected their livelihoods with nature. The potted plants and water features in our artificial environments indicate our desire for the connectivity towards nature. Time has made us more detached from our natural habitat. Nature has once being a home for all of us now it has become a place to visit. The Plants connected to this project is carefully selected by the artists related to their childhood memories, playing outdoor connected with nature.

Creating a fantasy play garden in collaboration with Artists, Environmentalists ,Inventors and Software developers  CoCA, Collective of Contemporary Artists are creating a platform for the audience to interact with the plants through technology and to experience its soothing and healing powers. . These Plants unfolds multiple narratives and histories connected with sociopolitical and ecological systems.

In the second stage of the project, CoCA will record various sounds generated by the visitors interacting with the plants. The recoded sounds will be given to a musician to create music, and the sound waves will be converted to a textile design for wearable art using digital technologies. 

The project 'Emerge + Tech' is an ongoing project at CoCA. We collaborate with Artists environmentalists, inventors, social scientists and software developers. This project is a part of CoCA 'Symbiosis'  ongoing project initiated in 2014 which focus on Ecologies. This is a platform to build creative activists and more effective, sustainable, dynamic art forms and practices to address contemporary geo-political, cultural, ecological issues. Emphasis on the philosophical concept of ecological systems Mind, Society and environment.

 Project Team
Chinthaka Thenuwara - Artist
Poornima Jayasinghe - Artist
Sarangi  Rathnayake -  Music Composing 
Thilak Kariyawasam - Environmentalist [Sri Lanka nature group]  
Dilshan Jayakodi- Inventor/ Software Engineer
Amal Rajapaksha  - IT Engineer

Developing stages of the project