Cube out of the Box

The “Cube out of the box” project is initiated by CoCA (Collective of Contemporary Artists) as a result of the “Art in Public space” project initiated and founded by the Goethe institute Sri Lanka and the Alliance Francaise de Kotte.  It is a concept more than an object supporting the unconventional and challenging nature of producing art in public spaces.  

          A mobile white cube mounted on a trailer is the main connecting node around which art making and art activities occur. Art makers will be invited to make art using and connecting with the cube. The cube will witness art and have its own object-history. Also this 10 cubic meter cube has other flat-pack cubes stored inside it. The flat-packs too can be expanded to make art and easily travel inside the cube.
         The cube is mounted on a trailer and will travel to diverse public spaces, places and communities determined by the art-makers and art activities. Its aim is to consider public space as a creative challenge while thinking out of the box. And it will encourage artists to engage with today’s issues by expanding their art practices beyond the safe confines of the studio and the conventional ‘white cube’ gallery spaces. The mobility of the cube will take the artists enter right into the complexity of the unpredictable public spaces.

      This project will explore the possibilities of creating art in public space in terms of purpose, approach and form. It encourages interaction between the artwork or art-event, public space and the audience. While being fun and cool on one hand, on the other hand, it hopes to generate an intensive dialogue on creating art in public spaces that is aware of current social issues. It provides a platform for diverse, multi-disciplinary, local and international art-makers to create art in public spaces. The art makers would be visual artists, performance artists, musicians, poets, dancers, curators, art writers, art critiques and people form non-art background as well as organizations active in art and culture. They will come together through art events, workshops, training, research, discussions and publications. 

 Art work by Kristina Sedlerova (Russia) and Alicia Roy (Spain) exhibited as part of the cube out of the box project during Colombo Art Biennale 2016

Orion Experience astronomy-art workshop by Thilina Heenatigala (sponsored by Savoring art foundation) during Colombo Art Biennale 2016

Artists Priyanthi Anusha (Teertha performing platform) proformance at the Colombo Art Biennale 2016