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Art Education Programs

Our Mission is to enhance academic performance through Art and Design by nurturing children’s creativity and developing their empathy, key attributes of 21st century learners and leaders. The educational activities emphasize intellectual challenge, encouraging students to make connections between their studies in traditional subjects and the real world. It fosters the development of skills for communication, intercultural understanding and global engagement - essential qualities for young learners to become future leaders. 

We support and facilitate educational institutes such as universities, local and international schools to enhance their educational needs. Our engaging process is a challenging, rewarding, and worthwhile journey equipped with a road map for sustained success furthermore we design and organize zero-fee art education programs for lesser privileged communities.

Our educational courses are offered for the students who would apply privately and for the ones schooling but would like additional support in Visual and Performance Arts.

We offer group or individual classes. Our lessons provide unparalleled opportunities for participants to gain practical skills and insight into the international art, craft and design world. 

The ‘Brain Booster ‘ Art camp is conduct during school holidays and is structured according to the 21st century teaching and learning methods with a strong emphasis on inquiry, action and reflection based activities. Our special education program includes outdoor and indoor activities integrated emphasis on all arts disciplines. The Art camp also takes trips to National parks, historical sites, artists’ studios Museums and gallery visits.

Our instructors are practicing artists - qualified experienced educators in international schools and degree offering institutions. They are adept at working with children and adults of all ages and abilities

Educational Courses:
  •             Classes in Art and Design / Drama and Theatre
  •          Edexcel GCE A/L Art and Design 
  •          Edexcel  [O/L] Art and Design 
  •          Cambridge O/L and A/L Art and Design
  •          IB Art- [International Baccalaureate]
  •          Local O/L and A/L Visual Art
  •          Certificate Course In Photography
  •          Portfolio Submissions 
  •          Special Art classes for individuals needs
  •          Art Subjects: Drawing, Painting, Sculpture, Art, Craft and Design

Summer Camp – ‘Brain  Booster’ Art Camp - structured according to the 21st century teaching and  learning  strategies with a powerful emphasis on inquiry  action and reflection based activities.

Contact for more info

+94 777316201- Poornima Jayasinghe

+94 777316256 - Chinthaka Thenuwara

‘Public Participatory Art’ presentation and discussion 2015
 Raffles institute of higher education

Saviskara Graduation Exhibition Community engaging Art project presentation                                              

Forum discussion about community engage Art project ‘Api’ 
at  Raffles Saviskara Graduation Exhibition 

Beyond perception photography exhibition discussion and workshop on “conceptual photography” for students of the Morotuwa University. 

 Sponsored by  Epson Debug  and Canon Metropolitan 2013