Api Project

Api [WE] – ‘I am Because we are’

 Solution focused, Community Engaging Art Project

Api is a community engaging art project initiated by CoCA, (Collective of Contemporary Artists). The first stage of the project is implemented at the Vajira Sri Children’s Development Center. The project is designed to focus and develop the growth of various cultural communities by creating a platform or opportunities to support each other.
In this process interaction and interconnection of nature and culture is focused. And, these are taken as sources of knowledge. Through the art based activities, new meanings, values will be generated. The project seeks for sustainable development of various communities that come together through creative activities.

Interactive sessions  based on Art, Drama , Music between Artists and children  

Australian artist Margie Medlin’s workshop - Photography and story telling

Graffiti with French Artist Rane

Skill Exchange Program

Local and international artists from Australia, UK, France conducted various art, drama and music activities with the children to enhance their senses; sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch.
During the process children and adults had opportunities to think and feel while they explore, solve problems, express their ideas. They also interpreted and evaluated the process and the results. Both the children and adults exchanged their skills and knowledge while planning and developing the project together.

Children respond how to survive in an island. Based on the results of this activity children developed their ideas to create an interactive educational play area

An activity based on Ubuntu (philosophy)
Children build up the ideas how to connect with diverse communities to develop the Api project to the next level

Children making their own toys out of discarded toys collected from diverse communities engaging with the project

CoCA, embarking on one of the most radical overhauls in modern education. CoCA , phase out teaching individual subjects such as Art, Math, Chemistry, History , Geography and Physics, and instead teach students by 'topics' or broad phenomena, so that there's no more question about "what's the point of learning this?” 

Reflective sessions and discussion with Vajira Home Community about the project

Reflective sessions and discussion with Vajira Home Community about the project. 
Developing ideas to learn about organic farming at the vajira home
  based on  children ideas and imagination

SriCert organic certification service body , with the long standing  experiences and considerable reputation among environmental circle in Sri Lanka join hands with the project to support  to develop the community garden  at the Vajira Home.
Organic Farming training session with  SriCert organic certification service body

Field Visit and training session at the Puttalm Framers

Api Priject exhibition at  graduation exhibition of Raffle Art and Design Institute
University of Visual and Performanc Art, JDA Pereira Gallery.
Making the exhibits with recycled materials…

Interactive educational garden and play area
Presented with recycled material, poems, essays, drawings, paintings and toys.
British School students connected with the project as part of their ongoing service component in the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award program.

During the community Roundtable discussion students at the BSC planed out the project along with the children form Vajira Home on how to proceed to the next level with mutual understanding and respect to each other. Inspired by the project 'Api' British school children decided to start a  community garden at the school.

Vajira Home Children’s visit to the  Raffle’s Saviskar Design exhibition

Field Visit to Wilpattu National park-  sponsored by Puttalam Framers